Telegram分享群组:Healthy M&A trend seen in South-East Asia


CLICK TO ENLARGEPETALING JAYA: The mergers and acquisitions (M&As) trend in South-East Asia is expected to remain healthy for the rest of the year and slated to reach a total value of US$100bil (RM445bil).

According to Frost and Sullivan business and financial services senior vice-president Sanjay Singh, the region saw a busier period in the first half of this year as a whole in terms of M&As.

In comparison, the average value of M&As for the region from 2015 to 2019 was hovering about US$25bil (RM112bil) annually, he said in his presentation on the prospects of M&As at the Asia-Pacific outlook webinar organised by Frost & Sullivan yesterday.

However, Frost and Sullivan expects the number of M&As in South-East Asia to dip to about 414 deals this year, which is a significant drop from 640 deals last year, albeit the higher value expectations.


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Owing to the economic reopening and post-pandemic, the business consulting firm noted that M&As rose significantly to a total value of about US$60bil (RM269bil) in 2021 with a total of 640 deals.

Globally, 2021 was a blockbuster year for M&As, recording a significant jump to about 63,000 M&A deals compared with 50,000 in the pre-pandemic.

Consequently, there was also a notable increase in the value of M&As for 2021 globally, reporting a total value of almost US$6 trillion (RM26.9 trillion)

For comparison, pre-pandemic, the total value of M&As was hovering slightly below US$4 trillion (RM18 trillion).


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